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Child Custody, Visitation
& Support

During proceedings and before finalizing the divorce, both parents have to determine rights and obligations regarding their children. Two independent types of custody exist: physical custody, meaning how much time each parent is permitted to be physically with their child, and legal custody, which outlines a parent’s decision-making rights in their child’s education, health, and welfare.  Both types of custody can result in primary, sole, or joint responsibility.


Typically, the court designates one parent as the primary physical custodian, giving the other parent scheduled visitation rights. However, it’s not always that cut and dry. Many cases can be determined by the family history, current circumstances, and the child’s wishes.

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At Boyle & Valenti, our family law practice works with families and parents who want only the best for their children and their future. While the child custody aspect of a divorce is often the most difficult part of the process, we do our best to get the fair results our clients deserve so that they can move forward in life with peace of mind and an actionable plan.

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