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Workplace Discrimination & Wrongful Termination

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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employer discrimination on the basis of gender identity, race, color, national origin, age, medical history, and religion. Employees are also entitled to equal pay for equal work that they do, as well as reasonable accommodations in accordance to their health or religious beliefs. While these elements are required by US law, an employee could find themselves in a toxic work environment that might inhibit their ability to feel safe and acclimated.


In the instance of wrongful termination, we have represented both employees and employers who are in breach of an employment contract or in violation of law or public policy.

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The attorneys at Boyle & Valenti Law have extensive experience in employment law, and offer a wide array of legal services that will result in the best possible outcomes. If you feel your rights have been infringed upon in the workplace, or are dealing with wrongful termination claims, call Boyle & Valenti for a consultation.
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