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Civil & Commercial

Smooth sailing doesn’t always last forever in business.

Sometimes, you get sued. Civil litigation is used to settle disputes between individuals, businesses, associations, and other types of legal entities. A dispute or complaint is normally settled by a lawsuit in which one party seeks reimbursement for damages, compensation for injuries, injunction or punitive damages in civil court proceedings. In many cases, a resolution can be reached without going to trial by mediation.


Commercial litigation occurs when potential disagreements with business partners, employees, suppliers, vendors or customers arise. Breach of contract and employment disputes are just a few of the issues that fall under commercial litigation cases. Similar to civil cases, commercial litigation can often be resolved through mediation, but many times court proceedings are unavoidable.

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Boyle & Valenti Law was formed by like-minded attorneys committed to providing the high-quality services of a larger firm but the individualized attention and cost-effectiveness that our smaller structure allows us to provide. Our founding attorneys are experienced lawyers who bring to the firm their unique past experiences and qualities that allow us to provide a full array of legal services. If you are being sued, don’t panic! Call Boyle & Valenti at now for a free consultation.

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