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Employee Agreements

Your business has assets that need protecting. Whether it’s proprietary marketing strategies, manufacturing processes or intellectual property, you need to make sure you have the appropriate amount of legal protection to discourage and punish people who could steal your assets and dilute your brand. The strongest precautions you could take is utilizing Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Confidentiality Agreements. These are forms signed by employees ensuring that anything shared with them in writing or verbally is under legal protection and is not allowed to be discussed outside the company.

Employees at work

By creating this agreement, both employees and employers are required to keep all information shared confidential. There are “mutual” agreements and “one-way” agreements. In mutual agreements, both parties insist a confidentiality agreement be signed. A one-way agreement is when the party disclosing information, requests the recipient of the information sign a confidentiality agreement.

If the need arises necessitating the parting of ways with an employee, you should also have a standard system of Employment Separation and Severance Agreements that allow both parties to cleanly cut ties.

Employee and employer going over handbook and legal agreements
Creating employee agreements on your own can lead to costly consequences down the line. Trust the team of Boyle & Valenti law to work with you to create a strong agreement that protects both you and your employees. Call today for a free consultation.
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